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Subscribe to OSD Podcast: Inside the OSD with Dr. Leslie Bergstrom

Subscribe to OSD Podcast: Inside the OSD with Dr. Leslie Bergstrom

The official Oregon School District podcast, Inside the OSD with Dr. Leslie Bergstrom, launched in December 2022. What started out as a pilot project was a success and has turned into a regular source of information and news for the Oregon School District. Our purpose is to educate and inform listeners about what's going on in our schools and have fun doing it.

We know you're busy and are always looking for ways to engage and connect with our families and community. I encourage you to subscribe with your favorite podcast app so each episode is delivered directly to you. It's a great way to stay informed about what's going on in the OSD! Dr. Leslie Bergstrom, OSD Superintendent

Research shows that almost 90 million Americans listen to podcasts and this number is predicted to grow to over 100 million by 2024 (National School Public Relations Association News, Dec 2022). Podcasts are attractive to because they are portable, allowing consumers to engage in other activities while listening (Edison Research & Triton Digital, 2019). In addition, a podcast offers the opportunity to explore topics that are better suited to conversation than written communication. 

Podcast episodes launch every couple of weeks, generally on Thursday afternoons and subscribers will receive automatic notifications when new episodes are available. 

Inside the OSD Podcast


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