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About Early Learning/4K

student playing on playground

Our Early Learning/4K Program is dedicated to the continual enrichment of our youngest learners. Our 4K is a half-day program.

Our goals and strategies align with the Oregon School District values, and are reflected in our vision and commitment to students.

Whole Child Emphasis

  • Our teachers develop engaging lessons and classrooms that support creativity, curiosity, critical thinking and relationship building. We create nurturing environments to build strong foundational skills.
  • Students practice strategies to encourage growth in all areas of development.  

Educational Equity

  • All students have access to high quality preschool programming through our community partners. Our program has full inclusion, ensuring a nurturing environment for ALL children to learn and grow.
  • All staff will participate in District equity training through our professional development.
  • Family partnerships are continuously developed and nurtured through our extensive outreach programming. 

Relevant and Empowering Learning Experiences

  • Our program is driven to produce rich, engaging experiences to foster confidence in learning.
  • We provide students with creative environments that encourage multisensory learning, critical thinking and exploration.
  • Our community sites create purposeful play experiences to develop strong relationships and a better understanding of the world they live in. 

Caring and Professional Educators

  • All staff attend monthly District professional development opportunities.
  • Staff continually collaborate to improve professional growth through co-planning and collaborative classroom visits.
  • Our District works closely with all community partners to create healthy, engaging and high quality preschool experiences.

Strong Family and Community Relationships

  • Our community sites all create multiple opportunities for family involvement. Our program offers more than 100 outreach hours, outside of classroom programming.
  • Our program believes family and community partnerships are at the core of our success. We work to build strong relationships within our supportive community.